Rules – Mid-Atlantic Christadelphian Bible School

All can contribute greatly to the enjoyment of this week by conforming to the intent of these expectations.
Patience and courtesy towards others will enhance the spirit of fellowship at the Bible School.
“And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord”
Colossians 3:17


• All ages are expected to attend orientations, morning
devotions, morning classes, Memorial services, family
Bible readings and evening programs. Teens (13-19)
are also expected to attend teen evening devotions.
Young people are expected at all scheduled Youth
Program activities.
• Youth program classes are assigned by the grade the
student will be entering in the upcoming school year.
Check your confirmation notice and notify the registrar
before Bible School if there are any questions.
• In consideration for the teachers and leaders requests
for class change should not be made at the school.
• Attendance will be taken at teen and youth classes.
Please notify the teacher if your student will not be at
a class or activity.
• Parents and sponsors please note that you are
responsible for your students while at Bible School. If
your child/teen is not at a scheduled Youth Program
activity he/she must be with you and under your direct
supervision. Children are not to be left unsupervised
at any time.

• Room or roommate changes are not to be made
without prior approval of the Service Committee.
Please do not move furniture between rooms or from
lounges. Do not attach anything to walls or doors.
• Unmarried co-ed visitation in bedroom areas is
not allowed at any time.
• Please be considerate of those trying to sleep.
• All residents must be inside their building prior to 11
• Please keep your room neat and orderly and
ALWAYS lock it when you are not in it.
• Room keys and meal cards are issued to each
person. These must be signed in to a Key
Representative by 9AM Sunday, July 10 before
leaving the Bible School. There will be a lost key
charge of $50 – $100 for the Seavers and Naugle
residence halls.
• When checking out, close all windows; return any
moved items to original location. Open all desk &
dresser drawers and open closet doors. Remove all
food items and trash from unit. Return borrowed
items (linens and blankets) to the Bible School Office.

• Appropriate dress for everyone should be modest,
clean, non-distracting and inoffensive. The following
are inappropriate for the Bible School setting: going
‘shirtless’, bare midriffs of any type, shirts with offensive
sayings or pictures, lounge wear/pajama bottoms,
stretch type shorts, and immodest tops, skirts, or shorts.
Parents, please check the clothing that children and
teens will be bringing to the school. Please consider
whether your attire might offend others when
deciding what to bring. When in doubt, don’t bring
• During the Memorial Service and lecture, sisters and
young ladies should wear a dress or skirt. Sisters are
requested to wear a head covering. Brothers and
young men should wear sport coat, dress shirt/slacks,
tie, or a suit.
• For the evening programs and morning classes,
sisters or young ladies should wear a dress, skirt,
casual slacks, nice jeans or pantsuit. Brothers and
young men are expected to wear casual slacks or nice
jeans and appropriate shirt. Children, up through grade
8, may wear appropriate shorts in classes.
• Afternoon sports attire should include modest
sportswear, shirts, and/or swimwear (women – onepiece
swimsuits). Please no bikinis, two-piece or other
type of abbreviated suit for men or women.

• Food items may not be removed from the dining hall
without the prior approval of the University Dining Hall
• Parents are asked to monitor your student’s table for
proper behavior. Please do not allow your children to
run free in the dining hall.
• You are responsible for clearing your table of all
dishes and trash.
• All meals will be served cafeteria style. You may sit
anywhere and enter any serving line. Please respect
those tables with infant seats – do not move them,
select another table.

• If you need to leave campus, please advise a family
member or friend. In case of an emergency, it is
important to know where you can be reached.
• Smoking is not allowed in any campus building or
near entrances.
• Essential electronic devices must not disturb any
activity – (silence your cell phones!)
• Rollerblades/inline skates/Razor Scooters may only be used in
designated areas and only while wearing helmets and
appropriate safety gear. They are not to be used in
any buildings or on the walkways or roadways on

1. Walk on the lawns – use designated walks.
2. Litter – use the trash receptacles.
3. Throw/roll/bounce balls in any building except
the gym.
4. Use electronic entertainment – TV’s, music or
game equipment, etc.
5. Use skateboards anywhere on campus.
6. Play musical instruments after 11 PM.

• All meetings should be approved in advance, scheduled
and announced by the Service Committee. Meetings
on controversial topics are not to be held.

• If you or your child has a special need (learning,
medical or otherwise) please advise before the school
so that these needs may be addressed!

• The use of or possession of alcohol, drugs or fireworks.
• Violation of the coed visitation rule.
• Tampering with fire alarms or fire extinguishers. (This
is a violation of state law as well.)
• Those under 18, unless leaving with a parent or
sponsor, must get parent/sponsor permission prior
to leaving the campus. Failure to do so may be a
dismissible offense.

Thank you!
Your attention to these essential guidelines and rules
ensures a very positive Mid-Atlantic Christadelphian Bible School!