Previous Year Classes

The MACBS Service Committee would like to thank the Christadelphian Tape Library for their efforts in recording all the programs at the Mid-Atlantic Christadelphian Bible School since its inception in 1979.

If you wish to order recordings (Tapes, CD’s, VHS and DVD’s) of any talks given at MACBS as well as many other Bible Schools and Fraternal Gatherings you may do so by contacting them at:

Christadelphian Tape Library Reuben Washington
196 E. Stearns St.
Rahway, NY 07065-4923
Phone: 732-381-4590 Fax: 732-499-8415

Donations to help in this work are gratefully accepted and may be mailed to the above address.
If any one desires video format DVDs of the Bible School you may contact and they will accommodate you.

Many of the talks recorded at MACBS can be found at the following websites.
Hosted by the Granite State Ecclesia

The Moorestown’s Archive: