Helpful Hints for Attendees


the Mid-Atlantic Christadelphian Bible School

Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA

If this is your first time at MACBS, or if you are returning after a few years, you may find the following information helpful when planning, preparing and packing!

When you arrive on campus, Registration, information, room keys, parking permits, etc., will all be located at the Ceddia Union Building (CUB)

  • Residence Hall Move-In: Laundry carts are provided to help with moving in and out and will be available on the parking lot entrance to the buildings on Saturday for check in, and the last few days for moving out. Please unload your belongings promptly and return carts for the next family to use! Do not keep carts in your room overnight, especially at check out when many are leaving early!
  • Housing: Is provided in new, air conditioned, suite style student housing that is really quite nice. Most units are for two people sharing a private bathroom. There are a few units reserved for larger families that have 4 beds and two bathrooms. Some families will put younger kids on the floor rather than have them sleep in another room.

Each person has a bed, desk, chair & closet space. Bathrooms feature showers only.

If you have special housing needs please get in touch with Robin Colby at as soon as possible. All roommate requests must be made prior to the school.

Outside the bathroom are two sinks & storage space. There are no kitchen facilities in your unit. However, each hall has a community kitchen with a refrigerator all of us can use (some bring their own “mini” refrigerators). Ice for small coolers can be obtained at the back of the dining hall.

Lock your room doors every time you leave your room. There are other people on campus besides our group.

Beds and Linens: Bring bedding, towels, washcloths for each person. Beds are all extra-long twin size, requiring extra-long sheets. A flat regular twin sheet will work as a top sheet but the regular twin fitted will not work. You can use a regular flat for the bottom sheet, but it may slide off. The mattress is covered in vinyl-like material.

The beds are firm, so a lot of us “seniors” bring foam pads or mattress pads. Pillows are provided, but, frankly, bring your own with pillowcases. A light blanket/quilt can be very helpful on cooler nights. Also, consider a bath mat.

Other helpful hints: Mini-blinds are not room darkening. Consider bringing an eye mask or something to tape to the window to darken the room if light sensitive. The shower stall does not have a place for shampoo, soap, etc. Consider bringing a shower caddy to hang on the shower head.

Laundry machines are found on each floor. They take credit cards, however, there may be some that take quarters (there are no change machines on campus, bring quarters). HE soap is required. Soda machines are also limited.

The campus will provide us with an internet password for their site so you should be able to log in with that. Those numbers will be available at registration.

  • Dining: All meals are provided in the Reisner Dining Hall, located between housing and classes in the CUB. Meals are quite good with many options. Many bring or purchase a lanyard to hold your keys & dining/housing access cards.

The dining hall is only available during the meal times that are listed in the program. You can sit anywhere. Families with children “reserve” tables. If there are infant seats present, please chose another table. Reminder: Advise Robin Colby of any food allergies before you get to the school.

Some people bring snacks to use in their rooms or in the communal kitchens. Because we are on campus during a holiday week the snack shack in CUB may or may not be operating. There are three evening socials during the week – 2 fruit socials and 1 ice cream social – after the evening program. There are also pizza places that deliver.

  • Classes: Every building is air-conditioned – In fact, you may need a light sweater or jacket in the main classroom. It is a large room and the temperature can vary from one area to another. Some also bring a small seat cushion for the adult classroom.

While distances between functions are not lengthy, MACBS provides golf cart transport at peak periods for those needing assistance to/from dining, housing and/or class areas.

  • Recreation: Bring your own sports equipment. Be advised that razor scooters, roller blades, skateboards, drones are not allowed on campus. The street hockey pavilion is NOT available this year.