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Mid-Atlantic Bible School 2017

Registration is now open!

Lord Willing, the 38th Mid-Atlantic Bible School will be held July 1-9, 2017
2017 Theme  “The Word of God is quick and powerful”  Hebrews 4:12
LORD willing 2017 Speakers:

Bro Neville Clark, Tea Tree Gully, South Australia

Adult Classes:  “Zechariah – Prophecies for the Last days”
Teen Classes:  “Moses the Man of God”

Bro. Ted Hodge, Jr., Book Road, Ontario, Canada

Adult Classes:  “That we may know Him that is true”
Teen Classes:  “That we may know Him that is true”

Bro Stephen Whitehouse, Birmingham, Hall Green, UK

Adult Classes:  “Come to Macedonia and Help Us”
Teen Classes:  “Appreciating God’s Prophetic Word”

The Youth Program theme for this year is “Old Testament Types of Christ” Those wishing to volunteer to help with the Youth Program should e-mail

Please click on the link to the Registration Page to sign up!

Lord Willing in 2017

Lord willing in 2017 the Mid-Atlantic Bible School teachers will be:
Brother Neville Clark, Tea Tree Gully ecclesia
Bro. Ted Hodge, Jr., Book Road
Bro. Stephen Whitehouse, Birmingham, Hall Green

Information on Topics and registration will follow at the end of 2016.

2016 Bible School

We hope all those that attended the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Christadelphian Bible School were blessed with a wonderful, spiritually uplifting week.
The Powerpoint Presentations from this year’s classes are being posted for your review.

If our Lord remains away, God willing, our 2017 Shippensburg Bible School will be held
July 1-9, 2017 and our speakers will be Brother Steven Whitehouse, Brother Neville Clark,
and Brother Ted Hodge, Jr.


We are sorry to announce that Brother Frank Abel will not be able to speak at the Mid-Atlantic Christadelphian Bible School (MACBS) this year due to a recent heart attack and heart bypass surgery. Our prayers go out for Bro. Frank and his family for a speedy and full recovery.

We are happy to announce that Bro. Ron Kidd of the Book Road, Ontario ecclesia has agreed to take Brother Frank’s appointments at the school. Bro. Ron’s subject for the adult classes will be “A Journey of Life in a Wilderness of Death” and his teen class topic is “Building for the Future (Prophecy of Haggai)”.

The Bible School is nearing facility capacity at this time, especially for families with youth program age children. More Youth Program teachers are needed to allow families with Youth Program age children to enroll. Teacher volunteers have been dwindling in recent years, and more teachers are needed to allow more families with young people to attend. Thus, If planning to cancel, please do so right away so that others desiring to attend may do so. There is still limited room for Adults without children to enroll, but total capacity may be reached by Mid-May. Enroll NOW if you wish to attend this year. A Wait List will be established if necessary.

Remember Rates go UP after May 15th

What’s New for 2016 Bible School?

Rates:  Those who register before May 15, 2016 will be able to pay Last Year’s Rates.  After this date the rates will go up, so get your registrations in now!

We have a new Online Registration system.  It is much easier to use this year, we hope you find it helpful. Please make sure you receive an emailed confirmation upon completion of the registration.

MACBS Children’s classes will have a different Grade separation this year.  Classes will be as follows Pre-K, K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8. Students attend the class for the grade they will be attending in the fall of 2016.  Those students going into 9th grade will join the teen classes this year.  All of the Youth Classes will be in the Youth Choir.

Schedule of Classes for youth, teens and adults will be:

Devotions: 8:40-8:50
1st Class 8:50-9:40
2nd Class 10:00-10:50
3rd Class 11:10-1200pm
Lunch 12:00-1:15
Sports 1:30-2:40pm
Open Swim 2:40


2016 Mid-Atlantic Christadelphian Bible School

July 2-10, 2016, Lord Willing   (updated May 3, 2016)

2016 Theme  “Commit thy works unto the Lord”  Proverbs 16:3
LORD willing 2016 Speakers:

Bro Ron Kidd, Book Road, Ontario

Adult Classes:  “A Journey of Life in a Wilderness of Death”
Teen Classes:  “Building for the Future (Prophecy of Haggai)”

Bro. Roger Lewis, Christchurch Ecclesia, NZ

Adult Classes:  “Gabriel – Messiah’s Evening Angel”
Teen Classes:  “Spiritual Habits of the Saints of God”

Bro Daffyd Jenkins, Cardiff

Adult Classes:  “Prophets and Kings”
Teen Classes:  “Getting to know my Lord”

The Youth Program theme for this year is “Creation:  Spiritual Applications” Those wishing to volunteer to help with the Youth Program should e-mail